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Shenkin Family Website

This site is dedicated to the descendants of Jacob "Isaac" Shenkin and his wife Bessie "Basha" Tischman. This site is the culmination of many hours of research about their lives and the lives of their descendants.

I want to extend a very special thanks to Mary Agins, Jacob's Great Grand-daughter, for bearing the brunt of this research. Thank you to all of the family members who contributed photographs and stories to help solve this intricate family tree mystery! Mary described weaving together all the pieces of this intricate puzzle as, "better than any mystery novel I have every read." Everyone keeps asking about how this website came about. Click here for the story.

Richard Blalock - Jacob's Great Great Grandson

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You must be a family member to view specific dates of our relatives. If you are a family member and you would like a password, please request one above. As of March 10, 2001, there are over 365 individuals that are directly related to Jacob and Basha. They are either descendants or their spouses.

* Shenkin Family Tree - June 19, 2001
* Shenkin Generations Report - June 19, 2001
Shenkin Kinship Report - 372 People - June 19, 2001

Shenkin Family History - By Gertrude Stein
Shenkin Family History Addendum - Several Descendants of Jacob
Hubert B. Shenkin Memories - January 12, 2001
The Life and Adventures of James Leaf - January 22, 2001

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1st Shenkin Family Letter - May 5, 2000
2nd Shenkin Family Letter - September 15, 2000
3rd Shenkin Family Letter - October 16, 2000
4th Shenkin Family Letter - November 10, 2000
5th Shenkin Family Letter - January 26, 2001
6th Shenkin Family Letter - January 30, 2001
7th Shenkin Family Letter - March 07, 2001


I am interested in researching the other Shenkin families to tie them in to Jacob Isaac Shenkin. My theory is that all Shenkins are related. I have found other Shenkin families in America, Israel, Russia, and Scotland. It is my goal to tie everyone together if possible.

First Distinct Tree - Ze'Ev Hachnocki - March 1, 2001
Second Distinct Tree - Unknown Shenkin from Belarus - March 1, 2001
Third Distinct Tree - Yehuda Leib Shenkin - March 1, 2001
Shenkins around the world - Names and dates of other Shenkins - updated frequently
Henry Shenkin's Russian Clan - previously named Hochnocki ?
Isaac Martin Shenkin's Clan
Peter Shenkin's Shenkin Clan
Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Shenkin - From Chasnicki (Tschanicki) near Minsk
Selwyn Torrance's Shenkin Clan

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