January 30, 2001

Dear Family,

Enclosed is a copy of a letter from Richard Blalock, creator of the Shenkin Family Web Site, (http://shenkin.olivetree.net) emailed to all Shenkin Family members.

Love, Mary

January 30, 2001

Dear Shenkin Family Members,

I just completed updating The Shenkin Family Website with last week's changes and additions sent in by several Shenkin Family members. There are now 26 family members on my email list and 18 people who receive Mary's printed mailings. Both lists seem to be growing rapidly.

Please try to think of family email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers that we might not yet have. Believe it or not, there are a number of Shenkin relatives who are still unaware that all of this research has been assembled on the Internet. You can help by contacting them and telling them about the information contained on the website, asking them to contribute either by mail or by email, and giving them Mary's address or the address of the Shenkin Family Website on the Internet: http://shenkin.olivetree.net/

We currently have several family stories and nearly 200 assorted family pictures on the Website. Mary and I are trying hard to make this record as complete as possible, but we need everyone's assistance, so please see if you can help. Here are the items we need:

1. Names of relatives and their spouses and children, their dates of birth, marriage, and death, as well as where they were born, died, and the cemetery where they are buried. (Also, please review your area of the Family Tree provided in Mary's latest mailing to make sure it is complete.)

2. Family email and/or home address and phone numbers.

3. Family photos.

4. Audio recordings.

5. Family documents.

6. Location of the cemetery where Jacob and Basha are buried.

7. Family Stories (any story you can remember relatives telling about the Shenkins).

We have received a fair amount of dialog from other Shenkins around the world. I haven't tied them all together yet, but I strongly believe there's a connection to all Shenkins on the Family Tree (perhaps earlier than Jacob). I have also added a special section on the website designed for these other Shenkins.

I am looking forward to your response.

Take Care,

Richard Blalock, Jacob Isaac Shenkin's 2nd Great Grandson

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