November 10, 2000


I hope this finds you well. It is my pleasure to enclose the Addendum to the Shenkin Family History, the Revised Shenkin Family Tree and another group of pictures. There are nine contributors this time, and each memory is beautifully and lovingly written. I also hope you’ve noticed that our distribution list has grown to include Stanley Kynerd, Sonya’s (Sadie’s) great-grandson, and Karen, Molly’s granddaughter.

The contributors to this mailing may wonder about the order of the contributions. Initially, I was going to insert them in the order received, but then memories of the same person written by a daughter and granddaughter became separated. Then I tried putting them in order by the age of the contributors (boy, that really was asking for trouble!). Next, I tried alphabetizing the last names of the contributors, but that didn’t seem any more sensible than the first two ideas. Finally – and it’s so logical I don’t know why I didn’t think of it immediately – I put them in the order that Basha’s children’s were born. That’s why Sonia Handelsman’s contribution is first, and Karen Morgan’s is last.

But Houston, we’ve got a problem: Can anyone explain the 19-year gap between 1861, when Isaac and Basha were married, and the birth of their first child, Bessie, in 1880? Also, if Basha were born in 1843, she would have been 60 years old in 1903, when she had Herbert. If that’s true, they should have given that woman a medal! What am I missing here and who can help me out? Also, if Basha’s children are in the wrong birth order, please let me know.

I’ve really enjoyed being ‘keeper of the flame’ and if you send me any future additions, corrections or pictures, I’ll be happy to send out another mailing. If not, I hope you’ll keep in touch, and if you come to the Washington DC area, I’d love to see you. That said, have a healthy, happy and prosperous Year 2001, and I hope you’ll smile when you think of your family.

Love Always,

Mary Agins

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