September 15, 2000


The response to the first packet of the Shenkin Family history and pictures was really terrific! We worked hard pulling the information together and it was very gratifying to know you enjoyed it.

It was wonderful hearing from you all: Rick Agins, Newt Alterman, Greg Davidson, Sonia Handelsman, Ivan Morgan, Buddy Radliff, Arthur Shenkin and Buddy Shenkin. I was then asked to send a copy of the original packet to Audrey Clyburn, James Leaf and Ruth Breidenbach and also heard from them.

I made a new friend in Audrey Clyburn, thanks to the History, and she sent me a lot of photographs for copying. I couldnít copy them all (it was hard deciding which to copy Ė we have 15 people on the distribution list now and 15 copies of each photo adds up quickly!), and then I added one of my grandmother and one of my parents from my own photo album for good measure.

They say, "One picture is worth a thousand words" and it has never been more true. I know youíre going to be happy to see this new set of pictures. If possible, send me some of yours and Iíll add them to the next distribution. If you can have the copies made on your end it would help, but if it presents a problem, send me the original(s) and Iíll have them copied here.

If you have any corrections to the History or Family Tree, or any memories youíd like to share, jot them down and snail mail or email them to me ( by the end of October and Iíll include them in the next update. I plan to work on it during the month of November and mail it and a corrected copy of the Family Tree by the end of the Year 2000.

I hope you are all well and happy and keep those calls and letters coming! As Martha Stewart would say, "This is a good thing."


Mary Agins

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