May 5, 2000


Several weeks ago, Natalie Davidson (Martha Davidsonís daughter-in-law) asked Gertrude Stein (Philip and Lillian Aginskyís daughter) to write up a short history of their part of the family so that Gregoryís and Natalieís son, Sammy, would learn something about his family. Gertrude obliged and wrote what she remembered, then sent it to me to be transcribed.

Because most of these are Gertrudeís memories, this document tends to concentrate on what she remembers or was told. While transcribing it, I found myself adding some information about my grandparents (Samuel and Bessie) and my parents (Peter and Lillian Agins). We then decided to send copies of this to other relatives in the hopes that reading it will jog your memories, and more information about our family will be forthcoming. Also, if you know of any other family members who might like a copy of it, please let me know and Iíll be happy to send it. I have also included a copy of a Shenkin family picture taken in Russia in 1903.

There are some question marks in the document where we were uncertain about the dates of birth or death. If you can fill in the blanks, please do so, but any information you might send would be welcomed. This document can be updated as many times as it takes.

Itís a pleasure to send this to you and I hope you enjoy reading it. I hope this finds you and your family well, happy and prospering. I look forward to hearing from you, even if itís only to say hello.


Mary Agins

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