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Sent:	Sunday, December 31, 2000 6:52 AM
To:	Mary Agins; Rachelle Berliner; Richard Blalock
Subject:	Shenkin Family

Thank you Mary Agins for copies of you four letters thru Nov. 10
and the attached photos.  I have now been able to open and print
all of this information.

In his photo, Isaac Shenkin is not unlike in garb or appearance
the Yehuda Leib Shenkin who was my great-grandfather.
Yehuda's 9 children were born in Dvinsk (Daugavpils) Latvia, close
to the River Dvina, approx 1864-1882.  He died shortly thereafter
aged in his 40's.  Unfortunately we know nothing of his parentage.

I am most interested to discover where your Isaac was born and
anything you know of his occupation and parentage.  In fact,
please let me know if anyone has put together a "tree" showing
the relationships of all those in the pictures.

Rachelle thought the family came from Minsk or Bialystock.  However
I have also spoken with Audrey Clyburn (727) 863-2237 who I believe
is descended from the same Shenkins as yourselves and she had some
information that her family came from Eitkunan, East Prussia (I have
not been able to find it on the map).  Is this the same family?  Which
is the right shtetl?

Best wishes to all for the new millennium.

Selwyn Torrance  in Philadelphia.

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Sent:	Wednesday, December 13, 2000 5:41 PM
Cc:	Richard Blalock
Subject:	Re: SHENKIN

Thank you.
We corresponded last month & I promised to send you a photo - not yet sent
but will try to send it soon.
You sent me a photo of Sadie & two of her siblings.  That means
they too must be Shenkins.  What are there names?  Which is Sadie?

I am not aware of any connection between these two Shenkin families.
Ours lived in Dvinsk (also known as Dunaberg and renamed Daugavpils)
in Latvia where they ran an Inn.  The father of the family was named Leib
(Yehuda Leib) Shenkin and he married Bunne Leizerowitz, (b. 1843?) had
9 children, and died quite young.  He was a scholarly & religious man,
studying in the attic while Bunne ran the Inn.

Children:   Kasriel (Israel, "Big William", "Tony")
                Leaser (Lyons) (Eliezer ben Yehuda Leyv) 1866?-1903
                Chayah  1868-1961
                Choneh (Elchanan, Hymon, Chaim)  1867-1934
                Bessie (Pessel)
                William 1873-1938
                Eatel (Eitel)  1880?-1965
                Rochel  1881?-1969
                Barnett 1882-1950?

Please let me know where your Shenkin family lived and
what you know of their names, dates, occupations etc.

I am hoping to commission some research back in Latvia so
the more I know first, the better!  Thanks.  Selwyn Torrance

=============================================== wrote:

> Harvey Kaplan wrote:
> You could contact Selwyn Torrance in Philadelphia:
> He is of Shenkin descent
> Selwyn, I believe we corresponded about a year ago about Lifschitz or
> Lieberman or Leaf. This is all the same family. Sadie Shenkin married Aaron
> Leaf.
> Please advise the names of your Shenkin family and where they are from. Also,
> please send a copy to Richard Blalock, address in the copy to of this email.
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Rachelle