Order 8 x 10 Reprint

If you are like me, and would like a real 8 x 10 reprint of the original or annotated Shenkin Family Photo, then these instructions are for you. This is not an ad, we don't make money on this. These instructions are provided for you to preserve your family's history. It is is written as if you have Windows 98. I have not personally tried this with these photos, but they should be of good enough quality for a family memento. I have 20 and 40 Megabyte originals if you really want them. Just ask :-) Richard

EASY INSTRUCTIONS - Pictures already uploaded

Click Here For Easy Ordering from ofoto.com
Click Here For Easy Ordering from snapfish.com

MANUAL INSTRUCTIONS - You pick a vendor

1. Click the Back Button
2. Click on "Huge Original Shenkin Family Photo." It is imperative that you have a high enough quality original digital image before you do this. Only the "Huge Original Shenkin Family Photo" and the "Huge Annotated Shenkin Family Photo" are of reproduction quality. Obviously, the annotated one will have names written on it and the original will not.
3. Wait for picture to fully download.
4. Move Mouse over picture. Press the right mouse button and select "Save Picture As" and take the default name. Click save.
5. Remember where you saved the picture and what you named it.
6. Go to one of the vendors listed below.
7. Sign up for their free membership. Most of them have no charge for signing up for this kind of membership.
8. Follow their instructions for uploading and purchasing the new photo. If you have difficulty please use their contact number to ask them for help. It is best if they walk you through the steps.
9. Wait for your reprint to arrive in the mail.

There are several websites that are on the Internet that will convert digital photographs into real Kodak (tm) prints on real photo paper. Here are several digital reproduction houses that you can use. Many of them will offer several free 4 x 6 digital prints when you sign up. Take your pick. I personally use Ofoto, but you can go through any of them.

Ofoto - $2.99 plus shipping and handling
Snapfish - $2.99 plus shipping and handling
Shutterfly - $2.99 plus shipping and handling