From: Henry Shenkin []
Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2001 7:14 AM
To: Richard Blalock
Subject: Re: my shenkin family website

Richard: As I understand it, My great-great-grandfather (I'm nearly 
86) was named Hochnocki (or some such spelling) and he had five sons. 
At that time the eldest son of a family was exempt from the Russian 
army. So, he went around the town (in Russia - I can't, at the moment, 
recall the name - and located families without any sons and proceeded 
to give his younger 4 sons their name!! My great-grandfather received 
the name Shenkin. My grandfather came to America about 1890 - my 
father was born in 1879. He graduated from medical school in 1900!! He 
had two brothers (my uncles) all older than him - Robert and Henry. 
Robert had at least three sons - Nathan was one. Nathan had sons named 
Elliot, Robert, and I can't recall the third's name. They all 
converted and adopted the name Scott. Recently, Nathan's daughter Del 
Jones got in touch with me (From Tucson) and actually came to visit 
with me!! She turned out to be a lovely woman & recognizable by me as 
to her family looks (to some dgree). I have pictures of these 
ancestors, given to me recently by a cousin (named Kahn) descendent of 
one of my father's sisters!
I doubt, from what you said in your letter, that we are related but, 
I am looking forward to contacting your website, when you tell me how.
Actually, Budd has an extensive family tree sent to me by a cousin 
(whom I have never met) living in up-state NY many years ago. When I 
moved to this retirement community, 12 years ago, I sent him things 
I had no room for - since he was my oldest son he was given that 
family memorabilia. I called him and reminded of that - and, 
hopefully, he will have it copied and will send it along to you.

Best regards,